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Prioritizing either premium or smart is a choice traditional OEMs and new car makers have always left to their consumers. They have never been well-balanced in a car.

BeyonCa will redefine these conventions, and will make super premium and smart less of an either-or choice. We will draw from the knowhow accumulated by the auto industry in the last century and fuse it with cutting-edge technological innovations to demonstrate BeyonCa’s uncompromising attitude toward its products and technologies.

We at BeyonCa have pioneered the industry's first truly Intelligent Avatar to create a revolutionary HMI system, and we are bringing unparalleled professional health monitoring solutions inside the car.

BeyonCa will empower people around the world to live a better life, by offering the ultimate user experience in, around and beyond the car.




Over the past three decades, the automotive industry has experienced unprecedented rapid development due to the rapid expansion of the automotive market and the enrichment of segmented product types.

More recently, in the last decade, electrification and smart technologies are playing a key role in driving a historic transformation of the automotive industry, which we are honored to be part of and to which we offer our contributions.

We have seen numerous new brands develop and produce electric vehicles (EVs) packed with features that satisfy, or even inspire, potential customers and users alike. But even as this rush is propelled by fresh thoughts, a big part of the industry remains tied to its accumulation of century-old best traditions in research and development (R&D), design and production.

This is why changes in the auto industry are so captivating.

We choose to go beyond the car to redefine the vehicle and restructure interaction between cars and people. This is how our name BeyonCa was born.

To accomplish this, we relentlessly place R&D at the center of everything we do, and are passionate about elevating it to a new level. BeyonCa's founding team brings together visionaries from diverse fields such as automotive, software and health. We are ready to sit at the heart of the technological growth which enables the industry to renew and evolve at a never-before-seen pace.

If you ever dream of reshaping the future of mobility, you will feel right at home.










BeyonCa: A New Age of Super Premium Smart Evs

Premium smart electric vehicle (EV) maker BeyonCa announced its global debut today, showcasing the BeyonCa GT Opus 1, a creation made possible by the company's unique position and capabilities.

October 2022Company News


We believe that a revolutionary mobility experience is needed to cater to the evolving lifestyle and wellbeing needs of users worldwide.
To achieve this, we assembled a group of visionaries across technology and automotive industries, and relentlessly place R&D at the center of everything we do.
At BeyonCa, what you will gain goes beyond an extraordinary career experience. You will work with the best minds to redefine premium in this exciting electrification and intelligent era.


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